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Earn 50% commission on all sales!!

How Does It Work?

The clicks that are coming from your site are tracked back to you so that we can see that they came from your website. Every time somebody purchases our products via ClickBank coming from your website, ClickBank will register the purchase and assign your commission. Every 2 weeks you will receive your paycheck directly from ClickBank.


How do I join?
As an affiliate reseller you will need a ClickBank account so that your sales can be tracked, and the paychecks be sent to you. Click here to Join.

Once you have an account, just put an affiliate link on your website so that you can start sending customers to our site. This link needs to look like this:

Clicking on the "hop link" will take the customer to our website. The link must be placed on a web page (it will not work in e-mail). To make the link work, AFFILIATE needs to be your nickname which you chose when you signed up with ClickBank.

For example, if you chose "frodo" to be your nickname, then your link to us would look like this:

You can use any text link you want or use any of the banners and buttons found at the bottom of this page. (we are in the process of having some banners and buttons designed).


How do I earn commissions?

Clicking on the "hop link" will take the customer to our website. If the customer makes a purchase within the next 90 days, you already earn your commission.

If the customer makes more purchases within the 90 days, you earn an additional commission for each sale.

If more than one affiliate refers the same customer to our website during that 90 day period, the commission is awarded to the most recent referrer. If a sale is reversed or refunded, your commission is reversed..

We are pleased that you have decided to join us. We are looking forward to a mutually profitable relationship

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70-298 70-300
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70-431 70-441
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70-500 70-526
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70-536 70-551
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